Given its huge opening weekend and the fact that the people at Lionsgate are no fools, this morning's news that Hostel 2 is coming should surprise no one. (Plus, how hard is it to make a movie about buying the right to kill people? New victims, new clients - pow, you've got a sequel!) Just like they did with Saw, Lionsgate plan to have the film - which, like Hostel, will be a collaboration with Screen Gems - out in about a year. Hostel cost roughly $5 million to make; if the budget for the next one is that low, barring some sort of huge disaster a profit is pretty much in the bag.

Though the story has not yet been finalized, star Jay Hernandez recently suggested in an interview that his character could "come back" and try "to get back at the people who were involved." Ah. Well, if nothing else, we all know that he doesn't die - thanks for that, Jay.
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