Spurred on by continued success, the book-to-movie trend in Hollywood continues unabated with Fantasy/adventure properties topping the list of most sought after commodities. Today's announcement fits right into that form, as Nickelodeon Movies has annouced a film adaptation of Jeff Stone's adventure book series The Five Ancestors. Lawrence Bender and Karen Barber, but no futher cast/crew announcements have been made at this time. The Five Ancestors is a 17th century tale of five young monks, each specializing in a different form of animal kung-fu (reasonably standard eastern storybase so far). Their secret temple gets raided by a renegade monk, and the five are forced to take to the wild, surviving by their skill and training.

Do I know anything about this work? No, I don't. If you do, please feel free to share your thoughts with us. It sounds like an amusing story, although there was nothing that stood out in any of the plot summaries I read to make it sound any more impressive than the typical fare. Fans, here's your chance to tell us why this story deserves some silver screen love.

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