The North American rights to When Do We Eat?, an independent film described by producers as "the first Passover comedy," have been acquired by ThinkFilm. (Hell, I'd pick it up based on that tag-line alone.) The film, which stars Lesley Ann Warren, Michael Lerner, and Jack Klugman, sounds pretty outrageous: after years of fighting and conflict among extended family at Passover dinners, the son of Lerner's character decides that the solution to all of their problems is to...drug his dad. Seriously. So he secretly feeds Pops ecstasy, which results, apparently, in Lerner "fervently [trying] to reunite his squabbling family." So, basically, it's like the dinner scene in Flirting with Disaster, except for 90 minutes - and with even more Jews? Sweet!

Not surprisingly, ThinkFilm plans to give the film a Passover release (that's in April).
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