Tom Sizemore is like a freaking cat with nine lives. He was convicted for harassing, annoying and physically abusing Hollywood madam Heidi Fleiss, he's currently fighting a conviction for violating a drug-use order following a possesion charge and has spent the last two years in and out of court on two different cases, and he said last year he was flat broke after shelling out for all his legal fees. Then he became the father of twins. Oh, and a bunch of sex tapes he made by hiding videocameras around his house (ewwwww) were supposedly stolen and started turning up on the internet after he was diagnosed as being sexually insatiable

In spite of all that, the man has five current films up on IMDB, and now IMDB reports he's going to star in Furnace, a film about a haunted prison, and upcoming indie flick Toxic, opposite Bai Ling and rapper Master P. It's hard to say how accurate that information is though - an IMDB search for Furnace turns up zip, and Toxic doesn't list Sizemore, Bai Ling, OR Master P in its credits, so maybe someone at IMDB was writing stories after partying all night or something, or just making stuff up at random to see who wouldn't catch it. At any rate, Sizemore is definitely listed for five films, so let's see...use lots of drugs,  beat up women, hide video cameras around your house and film yourself having sex with lots of women, and you'll get rewarded in Hollywood with a slew of new films to fatten your bank account. How does that work, exactly?

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