There's really no way to know how real this is, but there's a short clip going around that claims to be a bit of ILM test footage - for the Transformers movie. Now, I'm familiar with the Transformers only from the cartoon that was on when I was a kid, which means I know much less about them and their universe than the people who have read all the comic series. And, as a result, my expectations are very basic: I want the movie to look cool, and not totally destroy my fond childhood memories of badass, weirdly dignified robots.

My point is that I'm probably easy to blow away, so my reaction to the clip should be taken with a grain of salt. All that said? HOLY FREAKING CRAP! THIS IS AMAZING! Go look immediately (the link is to Twitch's piece on the clip; I didn't want to send you straight to the download), then come back and give us your thoughts.
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