Despite its huge opening (the actual take was $19.6 million, down a bit from the weekend's $20.1 million estimate), some box office watchers are wondering how long Eli Roth's Hostel will continue to draw audiences. Though there have actually been a surprisingly number of fairly good reviews, the film was, generally speaking, not well-received by viewers. According to the Hollywood Reporter, CinemaScore's ratings showed that the film had a "dismal" grade, with only 61% of those polled responding in the "positive" category. Other CinemaScore findings were much less surprising: Hostel's audiences were largely (63%) male, and 61% of those who saw the movie were under 25 years of age.

Responses to the movie in the comments here have certainly not been overwhelmingly positive - some people actually found it boring, while others were put off by its gratuitous sadism. So speak up, Hostel fans (if you do actually exist)! Do you think the movie will continue to draw crowds, or did everyone who wanted to see it already go? If the latter turns out the be the case, it could drop out of the top tenwithin a couple of weeks.