After hearing it from what seems like everyone ever involved with the franchise in any way, I'm actually starting to believe that a Serenity sequel may well happen. Don't get me wrong- I never doubted that Whedon would do it given the chance- I just doubted that the chance would arise. However, persistent mutterings from everyone up through the big J himself have been solidly reinforced by continuing strong DVD sales of both Firefly and Serenity

Today's glimmer of hope for fans comes from visual-effects supervisor Loni Peristere, who spoke with Sci-Fi Wire. Peristere echoed what we've heard before, saying that strong DVD sales could give the flagging franchise new life. He also confirmed that sales of the DVD have been strong out of the gate, noting that it was keeping pace with summer blockbuster Wedding Crashers. Loni says that everyone involved with the show is hoping for a chance to return for a sequel, and that ultimately that decision rests with Joss (no kidding), who is not yet ready to give up on the characters.

[via sci fi wire]

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