George Crile's Charlie Wilson's War is an incredible-but-true story about the CIA's work with the mujahideen in Afghanistan during the 1980s. The property was optioned by Universal in 2003, and they have a screenplay - by Aaron Sorkin, no less - and star (Tom Hanks) ready to go, but until recently, the film was still lacking a director. Now, despite rumors that Sam Mendes would take the job, news comes that Mike Nichols is in negotiations to fill the role. Whatever you think of Nichols, even his bad films tend to be box office successes - the man clearly knows what audiences wants, which is probably making Universal very happy right about now.

And, if Variety can be believed, Hanks might also be about to land himself a costar - a big, big one. Julia Roberts, whose retirement from Hollywood has been rumored over the past six months or so, is reportedly in the proverbial "early talks" to play "Joanne Herring, a big-haired and beautiful Texas socialite who influenced Wilson to support the rebel cause."

The movie, which is sounding more and more interesting, is due to begin filming later this year.
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