You know what this whole "whose gonna be the next Bond Girl" runaround feels like to me? It's like when Beverly Hills, 90210 kept going into its tenth season – long after the departures of Jason Priestley, and Shannon Doherty, and the actors who played the parents, and the broad from Saved by the Bell they had hired after Shannon Doherty left (yes, all of that happened, and yes, the episodes are currently on SoapNET, if you need impirical proof.)

But just in case you're still paying attention, it's my duty to inform you that the producers of Casino Royale have narrowed the supporting actress competition down to four candidates. Based on this Variety report, I'm not sure whether or not Rachael Stirling, sometime pretend lesbian and daughter of Diana Rigg, is actually one corner of the lucky quadrangle, as Martha previously reported. But another quasi-familiar name is floating around: Natasha Henstridge, known to South Park fans as The Chick from Species. But isn't an actress whose standing could be described as C-list at best sort of an unlikely candidate for such a high profile role? Nah. The trade reiterates what we've been saying for ages: no one wants to play Vesper Lynd, because no one wants to slum it in a franchise film if they can't be the bottom-line star. Oh, and the old Halle Berry Curse probably doesn't help.
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