I go to Los Angeles for one weekend, and I miss a profile of Andrew Bujalski in the New York Times, courtesy of Village Voice Film Editor Dennis Lim. But what a joy to return to New York last night and read this little gem:

"Hoping for a shot at Hollywood screenwriting, he recently connected with some executives in Los Angeles, though he said he treated the meetings more like therapy sessions: "I would go in and tell them my problems," [Bujalski] said. "They always had a couch.""

...all of which sounds far more relaxing than any trip to Los Angeles I've ever taken. We, of course, have been on Team Bujalski for a while now, and Mutual Appreciation landed at number nine on our list of the Ten Best Films of 2005. I like the film so much that I only feel the tiniest shred of early adopter panic now that the bandwagon is packed and ready to burst. Now will somebody step up and distribute it already?
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