In an interview with the good people over at IESB, Fantastic Four star Michael Chiklis (who spent most of his time chatting about the new season of The Shield) dropped a few lines about the upcoming film sequel for The World's Greatest Comic Magazine. Chiklis indicated that the crew was ready to go, and said that the writers were currently about halfway through the script. He said that he believes the characters will stay true to their comic book nature, and commented that "we will see shades of what have appeared in the comics." Chicklis also believes that this film will be better than the original, because the characters are already introduced and developed, which means that the film can hit it's major plot/action much quicker. When asked about the Puppet Master making an appearance, he simply smiled and said that he'd been sworn to secrecy.

Regular readers will know that I have an absurd and embarassing like of the first FF film. I call it that because I'm an enormous and devoted fan of the comic book FF – it's my first and most true comic book love – so I'm fully aware of all the inconsistencies with the movie. Nonetheless, I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it because I saw The Thing in all his rocky glory, striding around and breaking things. Because I saw the Human Torch blazing a firey trail across the sky. You get the idea. I know...I should be ashamed of myself. And I almost am...almost. I'm also dreadfully excited to see the Four on the silver screen again.


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