Boy, you're saying to yourself. Those Cinematical editors SURE AREN'T ON THE BALL with answering our questions on their video intro contest. I'm not even gonna bother!

We heard your concerns and questions, and to make up for not having answers right away, we're going to extend the contest deadline. Yup, you heard right, we're extending the deadline for you. If you've already submitted your entry and want to take a little more time to tweak it, you can do that and resubmit. If you haven't banged anything out and want to, you have a few more days. We're going to extend the deadline to noon EST, Tuesday, January 17. That gives you almost a whole week more to work on your entries! So gentlemen and ladies, start your engines, put on those thinking caps, and get those videos in.

To answer a few of the questions that came up in comments:

Do I get some kind of cool prize if I win? Or just the honor of being the winner?

Well, you do get the honor of being the winner and having your intro seen by tons of people. Lots of cool exposure, because our podcast will be promoted on AOL, available on iTunes, etc. You'll be able to point people to your work, which, if you do this professionally (or want to) certainly won't hurt your career. But wait -- that's not all! In addition to heaps of exposure for your work, you'll also be getting a fabulous Cinematical prize package with cool Cinematical swag.

Can I get use your logo? Can I get a vector graphic of your logo?

We don't have a vector graphic of our logo, unfortunately. You are free to use our logo in your video, however.

Does the video have to be 30 seconds? That's a really long video!

30 seconds is the MAX the video can run, not the minimum.

Can it be animated?

Yes, it can be animated. No nudity, foul language, blood and guts, or anything resembling a Uwe Boll film or requiring the use of 3-D glasses, please. Otherwise, be creative!

Can I say you guys suck?

Sure, you can say that. But you won't stand much of a chance of winning - unless you tell us how much we suck in a really cool and creative way.

Hey! Your link to the contact form doesn't work! You guys are stupid!

Sorry about that. Please submit the URL to your entry here. If for some reason that doesn't work, email Kim at and we'll make sure we get your entry.