Brokeback Mountain star Heath Ledger thinks it's great that some theaters in Utah and West Virgina are banning his gay cowboy sheepherder flick, because people who want to see it will just catch it at a rival chain, and the theater bosses will lose money for making "dumb decisions".  Ledger reportedly said, "I heard, at one point, that West Virginia was going to ban it, but that's a state that was still lynching people until about 20 years ago." Geez, Heath, keep up with your American history. That was Mississippi, not West Virginia.

Brokeback Mountain picked up three Critics Choice Awards, including one for Best Picture, which makes it the odds-on fave for a golden statuette come Oscar night. Heck, even Gene Shalit apologized for calling Jake Gyllenhaal's character a sexual predator. But if Ledger keeps making comments like the those, he may have to reconsider signing on to any film that shoots in Utah or West Virginia. I hear they're fond of the second amendment around those parts, too.

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