A tiny bit of Hoodwinked, the animated retelling of Little Red Riding Hood that the Weinstein Brothers will be revealing to us all on Friday, will be offered to eager Nickelodeon viewers tomorrow night. The clip - which consists of the film's opening five minutes and will air at 8PM - follows in the rather distinguished footsteps of Wallace and Gromit, whose The Curse of the Were-Rabbit was previewed on the channel last fall. Though the quality of two movies is, shall we say, not comparable, it's nevertheless likely that Nick's target audience (2-11 year olds, apparently) will find Hoodwinked really appealing. Since they'll then refuse to go to bed until mom and dad promise a weekend visit to the multiplex, this is probably (yet another) very good move by the Weinsteins.

For those of you currently thinking of taking in a little revisionist fairy tale this weekend, our review will be up tomorrow.