Don't look now...but you're about to view a geek image roundup that includes no pictures from the Man of Steel or The X-Crowd.  *Gasp*

  • The closer we get to V for Vendetta, the more information we get, including a continual flow of new stills. Today's offering is a lovely assortment of high res images over at OutNow.
  • For the serious Marvel nerd, we've also got a new look at some artwork from the upcoming animated Ultimate Avengers flick. While they are not as pretty as high res images from a major production, they will fulfill your Marvel comic needs.
  • And finally, for the more casual Marvel fan (or poser, as the former crowd is more likely to refer to you), here is some weird shot that is rumored to be from the set of the newSpiderman film. You can read the explanation and jump into the forum dedate at superhero hype, if you are so inclined.
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