So yesterday's geek image roundup was absent images from the "big boys" of the industry. I thought it was amazing that an entire day went by without new stills from Supermanor X-Men- but for those of you who were saddend by the lack, I give you today's update to make up for it. It has pictures from both of the films- and Uma Thurman. Better now?

  • Superhero Hype has added two new pictures to their ever expanding X-Men 3gallery- including a nifty shot of Mystique in action.
  • The same folks offer us yet ANOTHER new look of prettyboy Brandon Routh in his Man of Steel wear. How many times can we see variations on the exact some pose before it gets old? Apparently, we haven't discovered the answer yet.
  • Coming Soon has acquired a new and amusing image of Uma Thurman in her super-garb for her upcoming flick Super Ex-Girlfriend. Is that a hair dryer that fellow is weilding?
  • Also, in case you missed it, Martha covered some interesting news on Transformers test footage. Check out here take here. It turned out to be a fake, but there's light at the end of the tunnel.
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