• Assisted Living - Elliot Greenebaum's dramatic comedy about a day in the life of a mischievous nursing home janitor (Michael Bonsignore) blends reality and fiction so much that it is difficult to tell the two apart, which makes for a mixed bag.
  • The Chumscrubber - You'd think that a cast that includes Ralph Fiennes, Glenn Close, Jason Isaacs and Allison Janney could wring something out of Arie Posin's story of suburban alienation, but, as anyone who's ever taken a computer class will tell you: "Garbage in, garbage out."
  • The Constant Gardener - City Of God director Fernando Meirelles' first English language effort, about a mild-mannered man (Ralph Fiennes) who uncovers a global conspiracy, is decent enough, though the hype with which studios Focus and Universal have spun it make us expect more. Telling a story in a non-linear fashion, à la Memento or 21 Grams, does not automatically make it good, and Meirelles, adapting the John Le Carre novel, could have given us more than just "moody".
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