Happy International Showgirls Day!

No, seriously. The best I can figure out, a bunch of bloggers got together and decided that today was the day to celebrate everybody's favorite ode to golddigging poledancers with lists of daddy issues only out-lengthened by their acrylic nails. I discovered the hoopla via Flickhead, who, to my mind, has the best essay going on the subject at hand. "A case of the dragon consuming itself by the tail, Showgirls transcends the limitations normally set by genre and dramatic convention — and comes to embody every foul, odious thing it professes to abhor," he writes. "That it evolves into a compelling (and very funny) reflection of western culture spiraling out of control for lack of dignity and shame was surely an accident."

Follow through the jump for a look at a few of the many other rants and raves littering the blogosphere today in tribute to Paul Verhoeven's legendary craptacular:
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