So by now, we're already familiar with the ever-present rumors of a new Trek flick. It seems like everyone involved has either hinted at or denied other people's hints at a return to the franchise. The most recent person to chime in is none other than Patrick Stewart, one of Trek's biggest stars. Stewart confirms the rumors of a new Trek film- "Weighty people in Hollywood have come up with a very interesting proposition"- but adds a devestating thought to this otherwise enjoyable thought; "but they told me it was still two, three or four years down the road, by which time I would only be able to sit in the captain's chair and not have the energy to get out of it!"

Is this cause for fans to fear? Probably not- the quote seems to be mostly in jest, although I suppose there's no way of guaranteeing the aging actor's future health. Paramount continues to be silent on the issue of a return to space, but this hasn't stopped people such as Stewart from dropping some heavy hints. Thoughts out there in readerland?

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