Darn, I missed the People's Choice Awards last night. Completely forgot ... if I knew they were going to be on in the first place. I didn't even get the chance to vote!

I had to find out on the Web that Revenge of the Sith won both Best Overall Film and Best Drama Film. I wouldn't have voted for it myself, but then I never saw the film. So I am probably not the typical audience member, which is why I don't understand how Sandra Bullock won an award for Favorite Female Movie Star. Was she even in a movie last year? (Oh yeah, Miss Congeniality 2.) Wedding Crashers won Best Comedy Film and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory won Best Family Film.

I remember watching the People's Choice Awards when I was a little girl (yes, they had the awards back then ... shut up) and realizing that the big-name stars who won were never there. The actors who did show up to gather awards were second-tier or maybe desperate for any kind of publicity. Has this changed in recent years? Or should we speculate on the careers of the winners who collected their awards in person: George Lucas, Sandra Bullock, Jessica Simpson, Owen Wilson, and Reese Witherspoon, who won for her performance in Walk the Line. Wilson and Witherspoon don't seem to need the extra attention right now. Meanwhile, Brad Pitt won an award for Favorite Leading Man and Johnny Depp won one for Favorite Male Movie Star (these are separate awards?) and neither showed up. Do "the common people" as voters have more clout than they once did? If you watched the show, share your thoughts.
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