Trust Harry to go straight to the source. While the rest of us were sitting around being bummed out that the ILM Transformers "test footage" turned out to be fake, Harry Knowles of AICN somehow got in touch with director Michael Bay (or at least someone pretending to be him) to find out what actually is going on with his movie.

According to Bay, the last six months have been spent on drawings and storyboarding, with an eye to making robots that can "emote," because their ability to convey realistic emotion will apparently "be the deciding factor on whether or not this movie gets made." (Yeah, that's right - though we sometimes forget such minor details in our eagerness for the project, the damn movie hasn't even been greenlit yet.) Though Bay said he initially lacked enthusiasm for the project (Gee, really? I'm just guessing here, but I can't imagine many Transformers fans felt much enthusiasm for him, either.), he's now really excited about what they've come up with. According to AICN, Bay feels "he's found a really cool film that kids and Transformers fans are going to really get behind."

I'm still wary as hell of Bay, but I guess it's good that work is actually being done on the film. Right?
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