First, let me just get this out of the way: as disappointing as it may be, Perfect Stranger is NOT a plural-free, big-screen version of the wacky TV series. God dammit. Instead, it's a "psychological thriller," about a woman who "goes undercover both online and off to investigate a friend's murder." (Thank Al Gore for the internet, huh? Where would writers be without that plot option?) The ballsy dame is set to be played by Halle Berry, and she will star opposite Bruce Willis, though who exactly he is playing is unclear.

Despite the fact that the usually reliable Giovanni Ribisi recently joined the cast (as, of course, an IT dork), this movie worries me a lot, mainly because when I think "Halle Berry" and "psychological thriller," I think "The Rich Man's Wife." And when I think "Bruce Willis" in the same context? Color of Night comes to mind, and I start twitching uncontrollably. Of course, the movie could turn out to be unspeakably brilliant but, at the moment, it's sounding a lot like yet another post-Oscar misstep for Miss Halle. Whatever it turns out to be, the movie goes into production early this year.
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