Those of you who are regular readers of Cinematical are already fully aware of the ever-revolving rumor mill regarding the two major Bat-villians for the upcoming Begins sequel. Well, over at moviehole a "fly on the wall" has dropped some rather interesting information into the increasingly odd mix. First, we'll start with the Joker, as it seems like every actor in Hollywood is interested in the part. Their fly confirms the popularity of the part, but indicates that the studio (with the very excited blessing of Nolan himself) are interested in bringing on a VERY big name for the role. Rumor has it that said name says he may be interested, if the script is right. Who, you ask? Well the fly puts it this way:

"Let’s just say that he has a major film coming out this summer and it’s a sequel to one of his biggest hits. In fact, his performance in the first movie was nominated for an Oscar."

The first name that leaps to mind given that description is of course Johnny "Captain Jack" Depp, who would be quite a big name indeed. His name has been tossed about the casting rumor before, but never with any legitimacy.

Second rumor regards a femme-fatale character, who would be making her first appearance in Batman film history. Let's turn to the fly for the scoop and the casting rumor:

Regarding the character- "she has a very close connection with a major character in Nolan’s first Batman movie. She will be out for revenge against Bruce Wayne and Gotham in a major way."

Regarding the actress- "let’s just say that she is nominated for a SAG, a Golden Globe and is on her way to an Oscar nomination as well. She is also in fact five months pregnant and will be in tip top fighting shape once production begins to roll early next year but not before she throws a few coins in a fountain."

When I first read pregnant I thought "dear Lord not the Tomb Raider," but then the rest of the words in the description processed and I realized that Rachel Weisz is probably the call here.

Wow, okay. Thoughts? At first, I was rather hesitant about the Depp call, simply because I was afraid his presence may be too large, taking the audience out of the experience- seeing not the Joker, but Johnny Depp AS the Joker. Further thought leads me to conclude that I'm drastically underselling Depp's talent as an actor, and I settled on concluding that the man would be an excellent casting choice. As for Rachel Weisz- I think she's a talented actress, but I'm not sure what part they are angling for with her, so I don't have as much to say about it. Bat-fans out there have any thoughts on this?

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