In an interview recently with Coming Soon, Steven Soderbergh chatted about a variety of subjects, including Bubble and the Ocean's films, but the most interesting tidbits concerned Che, his Che Guevara biopic starring Benicio Del Toro. According to Soderbergh, he and an unnamed writer (presumably Peter Buchman) are still working on the script, which he describes as "just now starting to get close, I think, to...the way we want." Interestingly, despite the fact that he's made major story and scope changes from the direction original director Terrence Malick wanted to take the story - Soderbergh's Che is "a war movie," set in both Boliva and Cuba - Soderbergh says that "stuff" from Malick's work on the project may actually survive. One assumes that has to mean writing (Malick and Del Toro wrote a screenplay draft together) or story details, since as far as I know Malick never shot anything for the film.

Though shooting isn't set to formally begin until next year (Next year?! Dammit), in an effort to get in ahead of a planned refurbishment, the team will actually shoot for about a week at the UN this month before shutting down again and finishing the script.
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