When he finishes Zodiac (currently filming, with Jake Gyllenhaal) and Benjamin Button (currently in development) for Paramount, David Fincher will continue to hang around the studio, this time directing a screen version of Torso, a graphic novel that details Elliot Ness' post-Capone stint as Cleveland's public safety officer. Torso was cowritten by Brian Michael Bendis, who has since gone on to a very successful mainstream comic career in such series as Daredevil and Ultimate Spider-Man.

The novel's story is a fascinating one - and it's true, too. While Ness was working in Cleveland, torsos started showing up in the city's river and, at the same time, Ness began to get taunting letters from the killer. Despite his total lack of background in police work, the former treasury agent was able to put together a team to track down and arrest the man. The screenplay is being adapted by Ehren Kruger, and Todd McFarlane (who originally option the property) is among the producers.

Needless to say, it'll be ages before we see anything from this one, but it sounds like an incredible story. Have any of you read the graphic novel? What's the visual style like?
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