Though the Pilot Frenzy! that's currently sweeping Hollywood leaves us movie kids pretty much out in the cold, Court TV did throw us a bone yesterday with the announcement that director John Waters will acts as a host of sorts for 'Til Death Do Us Part, the channel's "first original drama." The series will examine real cases in which one spouse murders the other and, as the "Groom Reaper," Waters will guide viewers through the stories with his characteristic morbid oddness. At least, I assume that's what the Court TV CEO meant when he said that Waters would "bring a sort of tongue-in-cheek 'top spin' to his role."

By telling reporters that he took the job because he mistakenly thought he would get to play the "Groom Raper," Waters surely upped the discomfort level in the room rather dramatically. Nice. How is it, do you think, that he can get away with saying stuff like that? 95% of actors would be raked over the coals for that sort of thing. If he brings non-PCness like that to the series, it could become fall's first must-see.