Right, so we all know that there's increasing speculation on the duration of the Spider-Man franchise. It's selling fantastically, but trilogies tend to be a good stopping point for films, and there are rumblings of some of the major players being ready to move on to other pastures. So where do we stand with the possibility of a Spider-Man 4? Well, rumors have, of course, leaked from several corners suggesting that the web slinger could return for one more go-around, despite the aforementioned factors. The latest rumor (which seems to have some air of legitimacy to it) comes from a somewhat unexpected corner...Hasbro.

Hasbro Inc. has recently signed a deal with Marvel regarding rights to Spiderman related properties "which would be paid upon the closure of the deal and the rest when the two Spiderman movies are released. The agreement will commence in late-2006." (emphasis added)

Let's apply some quick deductive reasoning here. The deal begins in 2006, and it covers the "two" Spider-Man movies. Ergo...


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