Spike TV has finally gotten around to confirming what has been unofficially known for quite some time now: they are in the process of creating a two hour made-for-TV movie of Marvel's Blade character, and have strong hopes of turning it into a regular series. They also (finally) confirm that actor Kirk "Sticky" Jones will be playing the title character. Apparently, this will be Spike TV's first official attempt at creating scripted content television. David S. Goyer, who wrote the screenplays for the Blade trilogy, as well as Batman Begins, will be the executive producer and well as co-writer for the script (with popular comic-book author Geoff Johns). Peter O'Fallon is being tapped to direct.

Anyone out there have thoughts on this one? I enjoyed the Blade flicks – while they may not be the height of cinema, they were certainly fun and action filled. Which is really what Spike TV's male dominated audience is going to be looking for, right?

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