This is not a joke: Sarah Jessica Parker is set to star in Slammer, a musical-comedy with songs by the same team that made Hairspray such a massive stage hit. Parker will play a publicist who ends up in Sing Sing (A musical! In Sing Sing! The clever is out of control!) after being framed for a theft she didn't commit. Because, as a publicist, she's unable to keep herself from working - even while in the slammer - she turns her talents to improving the prison's image. (With a musical, which makes one think she's perhaps not really that good at her job.)

Snark aside, I'm totally not ashamed to say that reading about this project made my morning. Seriously. If it's done with a sense of humor about itself, and assuming director Todd Graff (whose only other directorial effort was the indie musical-comedy Camp) can get Parker to totally buy into her role, this could completely rock. And I really hope I'm not just thinking about that because the summary reminds me of the prison yard sequence from Pedro Almodóvar's brilliantly demented High Heels.
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