If you are one of the thousands of people who finds yourself (inexplicably) jazzed about the upcoming Superman flick, you've had to have been in your glory these past few weeks; information and images from the film have been simply flooding the media recently. And today is no exception, as Man of Steel Brandon Routh recently talked to popular geeksite Sci Fi Wire about his thoughts on the iconic character he will be portraying. It's a lot of the usual "he's lost, he's unsure of himself, he's powerful but vulnerable" character interpretation we've all been hearing for awhile now, but if you're interested in hearing it in his words, you can surf on over and read. There is an interesting paragraph on his thoughts about Soop's relationship with Lois, if nothing else.

I find myself slowly turning into an excited fan, and I'm not quite sure why. When Returns was announced I was casually interested, but really didn't care. Somehow, despite the barrage of press coverage (which usually just irritates me when it's on that large of a scale) I find myself beginning to look forward to Returns. Which I'm glad for, really – it's nice to stop being a cynic every now and again.


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