It's been said that there are a fixed number of unique, dramatic storylines—romance, adventure, etcetera—and no matter how hard we try to come up with an original story, it's usually already been told. Hollywood knows this adage well—I don't think there's a film out there that doesn't have a "sequel" in some form or another. So even if you've never seen Pillow Talk (1959), you've probably heard of it's modern spin-off, Down with Love (2003), which has Ewan McGregor and Renee Zellweger doing split-screen push-ups amidst a 1960s color-palette. The set design is about as accurate as the film gets, time-wise; for the most part, it's your average 21 st-century, politically-correct love story, reiterations of which are sprinkled all over the New Release shelf: man wants woman, woman wants man, man deceives woman, woman finds out, woman gets comeuppance, man grovels but ultimately whisks woman off her proverbial feet—but only because the woman lets him. Love has been reduced to the level of business transaction: you can have me, but only on *my terms. That said, there's nothing resembling Pillow Talk on the shelves today (except for all the other Doris Day/Rock Hudson films, which are generally thought of as sequels to Pillow Talk). The sexcapade is dead. Long live the sexcapade!
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