Susan Sarandon has signed on to bring the nasty to Disney's Enchanted, a film that will combine live action with animation. Sarandon will get to be super-evil as Narissa, a wicked queen who is "intent on destroying true love." The specific love on which her bitterness is focused will be that between Amy Adams and James Marsden who, appropriately, play a prince and princess. Over the course of the story - which begins in a "classical animation world" - Adams' character finds herself cruelly banished to "modern-day, live-action Manhattan." One wonders why this would be a problem - if nothing else, there's no way the food in cartoon-land is as good as it is here - but I guess if she was just really happy in the real world the movie would be pretty boring.

The film, which will be directed by Kevin Lima, begins shooting this spring and is due out in the summer of 2007.
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