I'm not crazy about the Musical or Comedy aspect of the Globes. I mean, most of the time, the films featured barely fit the category, though they're thrown in there as if someone is just extending their top ten list. And doesn't the whole "musical or comedy" part seem to make it feel less important? 

I think they should stick with two Best Actor awards, but leave off the labels. Then, the two winners should go up against one another and America should get to vote which one they think is the best. Yes! Oh, and I just registered that idea with the "Who Woulda Thunk It" guild, so don't go making any funny moves. This year, the list for Best Actor in a Musical or Comedy is dominated by small films with explosive performances, so let's check them out...

The Nominees:

  1. Pierce Brosnan (The Matador) - Ditching the James Bond franchise and putting his faith in a script from a director (Richard Shepard) Hollywood practically black-listed should surely be enough to land Brosnan the Globe. In a role that could be considered the complete opposite of Bond (a burnt out hit man), Brosnan shines. But like any good hit man, there's a ton of stiff competition looking to make his job that much harder.
  2. Jeff Daniels (The Squid and the Whale) - Playing a wannabe novelist-turned-father, turned-teacher, turned-creepy older man in love with his son's crush, Jeff Daniels is nominated here for a film that will leave most viewers with the same response: "I've never even heard of that movie." While it's nice to see Daniels recognized after watching him for what feels like my entire life, the role still feels a bit too small for a Globe.
  3. Johnny Depp (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) - Call me biased, but I say screw Johnny Depp - how about we give Gene Wilder this award since he never won it the first time? By far the biggest film and star on this list, Johnny Depp once again hops into this category for his portrayal of the wacky and disturbing Willy Wonka. I'm convinced that, one day, Johnny Depp will win a big award. Could Monday be that day? Um, no.  I wonder how hard it would be, before the show, to get Depp to go, "Daddy, I want a Golden Globe! I want a Golden Globe right now!"
  4. Nathan Lane(The Producers) - Is Nathan Lane a great performer? Yes. Is Nathan Lane wonderful to watch in The Producers? Yes. Are we sick and tired of hearing his name associated with this role? Hell yes. Although, as always, he kills as the sleazy Max Bialystock, The Producers has had its day in the spotlight. It's time for some new blood.
  5. Cillian Murphy (Breakfast on Pluto) - If one actor is going to pull of a surprise win in this category, it's going to be Cillian Murphy. Breakfast on Pluto was praised by the critics (mainly for Murphy's performance), though the film suffers, like Squid and the Whale, from the "obscure film no one saw" disease. Plus, there's the whole transsexual aspect which, although intriguing, doesn't seem enough to push him up to the top of the pile.
  6. Joaquin Phoenix (Walk the Line) - His awesome portrayal of the late Johnny Cash has everyone buzzing Oscar, however Phoenix needs to win this award first in order to solidify his position amongst the best of the year. If there are certain ingredients (great film plus great reviews plus great acting plus beloved performer recently deceased) that make up a Golden Globe win, this one has them all.

My Prediction to win:

  • Joaquin Phoenix - This is a very risky choice because, last year, the award went to Jamie Foxx for Ray. Could the Globes make it two years in a row they award Best Actor to someone playing a recently deceased musician? I'm going with yes - Joaquin Phoenix to win.