I've made no secret of the fact that I have an irrational eagerness to see Idlewild, AKA The Outkast Movie. As a result, I (along with one or two other people) was quite alarmed by the sudden disappearance of both the movie and its soundtrack from HBO's and LaFace/Jive's release schedules back in November. Now, though, totally out of nowhere, a full trailer for the film has appeared at Yahoo, complete with a March 10 release date. Woo hoo! And, while it should be obvious that I'm a total easy mark for this movie, the trailer is surprisingly good. It's almost impossible to get any sense of character because it goes by so quickly, but the editing is sharp, the dancing is awesome, and the Prohibition-era atmosphere has a wonderful sheen of fantasy over it. It could potentially be a pretty cool period flick, if nothing else.

In addition to Outkast (Big Boi's the singer, André's the piano player) and singin' and dancin', the movie's got a cast full of big names, from Patti LaBelle and Terrence Howard to Cicely Tyson and Ving Rhames. Come on. How can you not be just a little excited about it?

[via Dark Horizons]
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