Just yesterday, James and I were talking about how ... interesting it is that Wayne Wang can go from directing a lo-fi sexual psychodrama like The Center of the World, and straight into fluffy quasi-empowerment rom coms, like Last Holiday, and the "J. Lo plus Ralph Fiennes equals Sabrina on Zoloft" shrug that was Maid in Manhattan. Wang's career um, arc? can be rationalized, James said, as a clear effort to balance art and commerce. Okay, but then what can we say of his Manhattan star, Jennifer Lopez? J. Lo famously broke out as Selena in Selena, and then built a reputation on strong work in left-of-center projects such as U-Turn and Steven Soderbergh's flawless Out of Sight. Then came the pop stardom, and the husbands, and a series of worthless films that failed to appeal to either film snobs or consumers. When you're failing to make either art OR commerce, shouldn't some kind of career re-evaluation take place?

Maybe, but acording to Variety, it's not going to happen any time soon. Greg Berlanti, creator of Everwood and former executive producer of Dawson's Creek, will direct Mrs. Mark Anthony in Bridge and Tunnel. Yet another deception-fueled romantic comedy, this one figures Lopez as a stocktrader who gets all of her moves from a teenager day trading from his home in the 'burbs. Though Variety doesn't specify much about the plot, I think it's safe to say that through this kid, J to the Lo finds both love, and the courage and confidence to do her job by her lonesome. From kick-ass Federal Marshall to waiting-to-exhale corporate fraud in just nine years? C'mon, Jenny – just give Taylor Hackford a couple mil and make the Carmen movie. For you, and for us.
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