Gwyneth PaltrowAnother day, another confusing headline: "Gwyneth Paltrow says she's pregnant."

It sounds as if the headline writer has some doubt, doesn't it? Like Paltrow would lie or something. But the confusion doesn't end there. The first line of the piece says that the syndicated show The Insider is reporting that she's pregnant. But that "reporting" is based on not only Lou Diamond Philips introducing her as pregnant at a screening of Proof but also on Paltrow herself confirming to a reporter that, yes, she's pregnant.

Does every celeb story/gossip story/infotainment nugget have to have some coyness to it? Shouldn't the headline just be "Paltrow pregnant with second child" or something similar? Unless Paltrow says, "you know when I said I was pregant? Just kidding. Actually, it was just an allergy," I think we can stop all the bizarre, confusing reporting.   

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