Glory Road is such a formulaic and forgettable sports movie that I keep forgetting it was about the Texas Western College basketball championship season of 1966 and not about the University of Texas football championship season of 2005. Admittedly the screening I attended took place the day before the big football game, and the orange that the Texas Western team wore was strikingly similar in shade to UT's burnt orange. And they were both big upsets.

However, the Texas Western upset was considered notable in sports history because the college was the first to start five black basketball players on the court at once. As the movie tells us, NCAA teams at the time would never have more than one or two black players on the court; the Kentucky Wildcats team that Texas Western played in the tournament had no black players at all.

Even if you know very little about basketball, you know how Glory Road will end. For one thing, Disney has been advertising this movie as an inspiring story about an underdog team that wins the NCAA tournament title. The movie is structured so that the winning game is the climactic scene of the movie, even though we have been told the result. This is not a spoiler unless you've been living in a cave.
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