After watching Hoodwinked, the Weinstein Company’s first foray into animation, one is not surprised to learn that the film has three directors (brothers Cory and Todd Edwards, and Tony Leech). In fact, the news is somewhat reassuring, because it potentially offers some explanation for the wildly schizophrenic work they have produced. Lurking beneath the surface of this (relatively) low-budget, modern retelling of Little Red Riding Hood are at least three distinct films. First is the traditional sweet animated story, complete with a bicycling, singing heroine who is briefly beset by an easily-resolved family conflict. Second comes the edgy, sarcastic 21st century cartoon, where all of the characters make knowing jokes, and people say things like “fo shizzle.” And, third, there’s the wildly unhinged, new style of animated film which stars a conniving, insane villain and his singing, action figure sidekicks. While all three would be fine on their own - the third, in fact, is fantastic - thrown together they result in an unfortunately uneven mess.