The good news is that Universal will release three DVD boxed sets on April 4 as part of a new series called The Glamour Collection: one set each of films starring Carole Lombard, Mae West, and Marlene Dietrich. Nearly all these movies are being released on DVD in the United States for the first time.

The Carole Lombard set contains lesser-known films from her earlier years, when studios tried to bill her as glamorous rather than funny. I'm particularly interested in seeing Hands Across the Table, a 1935 film directed by the underrated Mitchell Leisen that stars Lombard and Fred MacMurray. The Mae West set includes My Little Chickadee with W.C. Fields and the wonderfully witty I'm No Angel with Cary Grant... but not She Done Him Wrong, unfortunately. The Marlene Dietrich collection contains the long-awaited Blonde Venus and Morocco ... but not my beloved A Foreign Affair, perhaps because Universal feels she was less glamorous in 1948 (they'd be wrong).

The bad news is that all of these are two-disc sets; more than one movie on each DVD, no special features apart from theatrical trailers, and probably no opportunity to buy the movies separately. However, each set will cost less than $30. It's cut-rate glamour, but I'm happy these movies are finally making any appearance on DVD at all. The Gary Cooper Collection that Universal released last year as a two-disc set is supposed to be excellent, so hopefully these DVDs will equal that quality level.
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