Today's "comic book liscense movie rights acquired by film company" story comes to you courtesy of Dreamworks. The good folks over there have recently laid their grubby little hands on John Wagner and Arthur Ranson's graphic novel Button Man: The Killing Game. Josh Braun and Roger Kass will produce, but no other cast/crew annoucements have been made at this time, and no script is currently in place. For those of you who haven't read it, Button Man is the story of a group of disaffected rich people who " pit their own personal assassins against each other in a clandestine, deadly game."

If done well, this could be a fantastic property for Dreamworks. The comic version is tons of vaguely unsettling fun, and the story is face paced. However, if they are careless it could easily turn into another lackluster "action/thriller" that'll blend it with the hundreds of other forgettable movies in that genre. Thoughts?

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