Slither appears to be one of those campy, good-natured gross-out horror flicks about which the internets tend to get very excited - and, as someone who is looking forward to Ultraviolet, I am certainly not in a position to throw stones. The film stars Michael Rooker, Elizabeth Banks, and Firefly/Serenity's Mal, Nathan Fillion, and revolves around "A small town [that] is taken over by an alien plague, turning residents into zombies and all forms of mutant monsters." Based on the footage in the latest trailer, the plague is mostly a lot of slugs, and the main mutant form is, well, slugs with teeth.

The movie's obviously got a great sense of humor about itself, as evidenced by Michael Rooker's giant slug-style seduction of his poor wife (Lucky for him, she takes the permanency of her vows very seriously.), and it's a nice break from the endless wave of violent torture flicks of which studios have recently become so fond. But what the hell happened to Michael Rooker? Not that long ago, he was a respected actor with a sold career in supporting roles. And now? His head is shaved, and he's a huge slug. Surely he could never have imagined this.

Slither doesn't come out until the end of March, and there are likely to be several more exclusive clips hitting the web before then. Mmm...rotting flesh.

[via Cinema Blend]
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