Sci Fi Wire reports that the release date for A Scanner Darkly has been pushed back to July by Warner Independent Pictures. March 31 was the release date previously announced for Richard Linklater's adaptation of the Philip K. Dick novella, although the original estimate for release had been September of last year.

So what's causing the holdup? The original delay from September to March was to perfect the rotoscope-style animation used in the film. However, the animators who spoke at Fantastic Fest seemed confident they would stay on schedule for a March release. Does Warner feel that an animated science-fiction film with adult content would draw a larger crowd during summer blockbuster time? Or perhaps audiences at test screenings weren't as enthusiastic as The Dude.

The best guess is a problem with the music. Rumors were flying last month about problems with Graham Reynolds' music score, and that Radiohead had been approached to rescore the movie but refused due to scheduling conflicts. In The Dude's review referenced above, he says he heard a temporary score containing Radiohead songs. Having enjoyed Reynolds' lovely original scores for silent movies shown at Alamo Drafthouse, I hope this isn't the case. We'll find out for sure when A Scanner Darkly's credits are released, if not sooner.

[via Metroblogging Austin]
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