Man, what is it with drummers and movies this week? First Tommy Leestars in a documentary, and now Police drummer/long-time soundtrack composer Stewart Copeland is directing one. Copeland, who can be seen with a camera to his eye from time to time in Police Around the World, is now going public with the Super 8 footage he shot during the band's tours over the years. (And now, as a long-time Police worshiper, I have to take a minute to dance wildly around the room. Ok, I'm back. Thank you.)

The film, titled Everyone Stares: The Police Inside Out, will be shown publicly for the first time at Sundance later this month, though Copeland initially intended it as "a love letter that he intended to share only with his fellow well as a few close friends." Everyone Stares is reportedly performance-based, and includes a voice-over from its director describing his experiences on tour. As exciting as it is to simply hear that this movie exists, though, the best news for Police fans is the article's final sentence: "Copeland is in talks with Universal Music & Video Distribution about releasing the soundtrack, which would include the derangements ['seven mash-ups of sorts that he created using the original multitracks of the songs'], and the DVD." WOO HOO!

Even the thought of this movie is incredible, and I for one I will be heavily pressuring/desperately begging Cinematical's Sundance team to make it a viewing priority. Pretty please?