Tim Robbins who, as well all know, loves him some politics, is in preparations to direct a stage adaptation of George Orwell's 1984 in Los Angeles starting next month. The play will run for about two months, but Robbins is hoping his involvement with the novel won't end there - though he doesn't appear to have had any formal contact with studios about it, he already has a screenplay written, and is currently in the process of "trying to put...together" a movie version. So, things are still very much in the planning stages, but the story is undeniably up Robbins' alley. Describing Orwell as only "20 years off" with his title, the actor/director is fascinated by the relevance he finds in 1984 today, and clearly hopes that a movie will appeal to others who share his point of view.

I'd love to see this get made, both because I think Robbins is an interesting director, and also because things will be awfully quiet once the gay cowboys and Michael Moore's health care movie have moved on. We'll be needing something else to argue about.
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