Last time I wrote about Ultraviolet (I do it a lot - I'm sorry, I simply can't resist the Milla), I provided a detailed plot summary that involved vampires, a blood disease, and a little boy who need protection. Now, after watching the trailer, I realize that all of that was unnecessary: basically, what this movie is about is a chick named Violet (that's Milla) kicking the ass of pretty much the entire world. As far as I could tell, there really isn't much of a plot, apart from the fact that she hates everyone and would like to kill them all. Now, while this is possibly not a description likely to get butts in the seats, two things just might: 1)Milla's clothes are very tight, and 2)the action sequences look pretty fantastic. And, in addition to those two visceral thrills, the production design is awesome - lots of shiny white, set off by dark uniforms and whatever brighter color Milla happens to be wearing in the scene. Even the few minutes of the trailer make it abundantly clear where all the focus and money went on this one: the dialogue and acting are awful, but every shot looks amazing.

Ultraviolet comes out in the US next month, at which time I will be sitting in my local multiplex, popcorn in hand, surrounded by empty chairs. Of course, there's no way it can possibly do as badly as BloodRayne. And that's something, right?

[via Movies Online]