According to CommanderBond (the most obsessive Bond fan site on the web), London's Daily Mail is reporting that little-known Australian actress Rose Byrne has won the role of Vesper Lynd, Casino Royale's very own Bond girl. Though the official announcement will not be made until Friday, the Mail knows its Bond: it was the first paper to break the news that Pierce Brosnan was out, and also the first with confirmation that Daniel Craig was in. So, if we're going to believe any press rumors, this one is probably better than most.

The Mail also offers an amusing tidbit about the audition process, revealing that even casting a Bond movie requires spy skills. "She had to give a special password, Alcazar, to get into the audition." - one certainly hopes that any actress who proved incapable of remembering her password was eliminated. Wait. Do you think anyone who tracked down a password could audition? Because that would go a long way towards explaining the apparent randomness of some of the names we've been hearing.
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