The Christian Science Monitor's Peter Rainer has a great piece up on movie manners, deploring how everyone from teenagers to movie critics have lost all semblance of manners when watching movies these days. As someone who sees a lot of movies for a living, I have to agree with him. Cellphones, crying babies, talking teens, chatty groups of women out for a mom's night, rowdy frat boys, you name it, they're out in theaters set on annoying those of us who actually want to watch the movie. When I went to a screening of Hellbent, we even had a pack of gay guys tripping on acid (though in that case, they actually kind of added to the ambiance). Film festivals, which you would think would be attended by movie lovers who have some manners, are actually where you find some of the worst offenders. Film critics and filmfans alike think nothing of loudly offering their erudite opinions during the show. People get up and loudly walk out in the middle of a film if they don't like it. Cinematical is going to Sundance next week, and we're going to be covering the heck out of it. But we're also going to be dealing with a lot of rude moviegoers. So to that end, I'm getting prepared, with this list of ways to deal with rude moviegoers.

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