With not much to do this weekend, I decided to troll through the deepest and darkest places on the net in search of more details regarding some of our favorite highly anticipated films. In doing so, I stumbled upon a posting made on IMDB in which the poster (we'll call him daviebaby150) claimed to have title and plot info for Indiana Jones 4. Though he does not say where he obtained this info and because I have not seen it anywhere else, I figured I would throw it out here and see if anyone else knows whether or not there is any truth behind these rumors.

Daviebaby (cute name, huh?) claims the official title will be Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Sun. No relation to Spielberg's Empire of the Sun, of course. Here's what he had to say regarding plot: "'Indiana Jones will have to deal with his greatest fears in the upcoming fourth adventure in the series. When Indy's son is recruited by an English gentleman to go in search of an artifact of immense power hidden deep in the Amazon, Indy's father suspects something is not right. Soon he stumbles upon a terrifying plot by a powerful secret society hell bent on recovering an ancient power. Teamed once again with his father Henry (Sean Connery) and the English Gentleman's Daughter, Sabrina, they head out to the amazon where both parties discover an ancient civilization still existing. But will Indy be able to stop the secret society from harnessing the Mayan's Powers and taking over the world? And can Sabrina be trusted?

Hmm, sounds an awful like Temple of Doom if you ask me. Personally, I can't imagine them going in this direction. Could this have been an earlier draft? Is daviebaby150 simply making the enitre thing up? Or (and this is a pretty big stretch) could this indeed be what we're in store for with the new Indiana Jones? I'll leave it up to you to decide.

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