Remember the awesome series of knittedzombies that we linked to last year? Well, compared to this latest example of obsessive fandom, knitting zombies is about as easy as picking your teeth. You want do something that really shows your devotion? How about creating a massive, incredibly meticulous, dollhouse reproduction of Bag End (AKA the Baggins family home)? Yeah, that's what I'm talking about.

Livejournal user 'Obelia medusa' really, really loves The Lord of the Rings, so much so that she decided to devote 18 months of her life to making a hobbit house. From what I can tell, she combined information from both the movies and Tolkien's novels to come up with a floor plan, and to dictate her interior details. And I emphasize the word "details" - you think you're obsessive? Check out this status update from August: " The past year or so I've spent wiring (my hobbits need their candlelight, after all!) and installing wood paneling and flooring." Holy. Crap.

If you've got some free time today, go check out the pictures. While any obsession taken to this level is maybe just the slightest bit creepy, the devotion and craftsmanship - there are STAINED GLASS WINDOWS and TILE FLOORS, for the love of God! - are truly mind-blowing.

[via BoingBoing]
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