According to various reports in the French press, some casting decisions for Casino Royale have finally been made - though whether the names mean anything to most of us is something else entirely. Firstly, the role of Demetrius - a "shady Greek gambler and money launderer" who is the film's villain - has been awarded to a French fellow by the name of Simon Abkarian. Yeah, I don't know who that is, either. According to the IMDB, he's appeared in just a few English-language films, including a supporting role in The Truth About Charlie and a starring turn in Sally Potter's Yes, in which he played Joan Allen's lover. Also reportedly cast is a "former Miss Italy contestant" named Caterina Murino, who will play the hot woman by Demetrius' side.

Though the role of Vesper Lynd still has not been handed out, the announcement is expected to come soon. To that end, as Karina reported, the competition has been narrowed down to four front-runners, all of whom recently screen-tested for the part. According to IGN, three of the four have been revealed: Rachael Stirling (who we already discussed), Rose Byrne (she banged Brad Pitt in Troy), and Vera Farmiga (who seems to have a major supporting role in Martin Scorsese's upcoming The Departed). Man, if the fourth name isn't a massive one, this whole Vesper-watch is going to turn out to be a huge bummer - and it looks like we'll find out for sure as early as this week.
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